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Neighbourhood Plan

In 2016 a Working Group set up by  the Parish Council commenced the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan. The Government encourages parish councils to produce their own Neighbourhood Plans enabling local people to have a say in how their neighbourhood grows and develops.

Pre-Submission Consultation on Draft Neighbourhood Plan

We have now reached the Pre-Submission Consultation Stage. The consultation runs from Saturday 18 January 2020 to Monday 2 March 2020 (inclusive).  The draft Neighbourhood Plan document can be downloaded below.

We would welcome your comments. These can be submitted online or by completing the form below and returning it as instructed on the form.  Comments must be received by Monday 2 March 2020.

Link to Neighbourhood Plan

Online Comments Form

Download Comments Form

A consultation launch Drop-in event was held at Great Barton Village Hall on Saturday 18 January 2020 between 10am and 3pm. The display boards from that event can be downloaded below.

Display Boards from launch event 18 January 2020

The Drop-in Display will also be available to view at the Village Hall Annexe: Thurs 13 Feb 2020 7pm - 9pm

Copies of the draft Neighbourhood Plan can be also be viewed during the consultation period at

  •  The Freedom Church Cafe: Tues - Thurs 9 am - 1 pm
  •  The Church Institute: Wed 11 am - 2 pm and Fri 10 am -  12 noon

Also during the consultation period copies of the draft plan can be borrowed from the Parish Clerk, Linda Harley. Please contact her on 01284 787777.  

Following the completion of the consultation, we will review comments received, make any necessary amendments to the Plan and then submit it to West Suffolk Council in order that it can proceed to examination and Parish referendum later this year.

West Suffolk Council has prepared the Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Opinion (January 2020). They have published the Screening Opinion on their website - link to Screening Opinion (Jan 2020)

Previous Stages

The Neighbourhood Plan preparation process includes a number of stages that have to be completed before the Plan is adopted. These are:

Stage 1 Designation of Neighbourhood Area

The Neighbourhood Plan Area, covering the whole of the parish, was originally designated by the then St Edmundsbury Borough Council in June 2016. Due to changes to the Great Barton Parish boundary following a community governance review, Great Barton Parish Council submitted a new application to designate a revised Neighbourhood Plan Area to cover the revised Parish area. The Borough Council confirmed the designation of the new area on 14 January 2019. The area involved in the Neighbourhood Plan is the whole of the Parish of Great Barton as shown on the Neighbourhood Area Map.

Stages 2 - 4 Information Gathering

In January 2017 we held a village drop-in event to explain the neighbourhood plan process and gather comments and feedback from residents.  These can be viewed on the Evidence page of the Neighbourhood Plan website.

A Household questionnaire was conducted in October 2017 and a document summarising the results can be viewed here.

A further drop-in event was held in April 2018 seek views on the sites that had been put forward to the Borough Council for potential housing development. A report containing the display boards of that event and the results can be viewed here.

We’ve also commissioned and prepared other  background “evidence” documents to support the policies in the Plan.

Housing Needs Assessment

Design Guidelines

Local Green Spaces Assessment

Buildings of Local Significance

Appraisal of Views


Stage 5 Pre-Submission Consultation on Draft Plan

This is the stage we’ve now reached

Future Stages

6 – Submission of amended Plan to West Suffolk Council and further Consultation by West Suffolk Council

7 – Independent Examination of Plan

8 - Potential Modifications

9 - Parish Referendum

10 - Making (adoption) of Plan by West Suffolk Council